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Download Opal Kelly FrontPanel Windows x64 5.0.2

Please install the FrontPanel drivers before running GSEOS. The above archive contains the 64-bit Windows drivers. This needs to be done only once for each machine you want to run the Dragonfly GSEOS Emulator software on. (Not required for MOC/SOC operations.)

Module Release Last Updated Size (MB)
Details Download
Dragonfly 3.5.017 May/01/2023 178
  • Added instruments: CSAM, DraGMet, DraGNS
  • Removed DrEAM instrument.
  • Added LED Controller interface.
  • Updated SpW bitrates to 10, 25, 30.
  • Minor frame is fixed at 10ms/100 frames. Non configurable.
Dragonfly 3.2.014 Feb/23/2023 175
  • Updated GSEOS kernel.
  • Compatible with GI-ICD Rev. B (Dec/2022).
  • Implements Time&Status simulation file.
  • Implements DrACO/DraMS shared data synchronization.
  • LE bitfile R002. UART only!
Dragonfly 2.4.010 Jan/04/2023 176
  • Added DFLY_ExcelLoad Excel spreadsheet conversion tool.
Dragonfly 2.3.009 Nov/26/2022 172.83
  • Updated GSEOS kernel.
  • Added command for UART TX config.
  • Re-ordered some command opcodes.
  • Compatible with LE/GSEOS ICD Rev. 08.
Dragonfly 2.0.005 Sep/27/2022 172.80
  • Compatible with GI ICD Rev. B Aug 2022. UART stack only.
  • No bitfile.
Dragonfly 1.2.004 Aug/16/2022 172.83
  • Updated GSEOS kernel.
  • Changed FTF_OUT_CMD to 8192 bytes.
  • Added SCE Simulator.
Dragonfly 1.0.003 Jan/06/2022 172.80
  • Initial release.
  • No bitfile.



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