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EUROPA Upgrade to GSEOS 8
            As of release R034 we will be providing two archives, the 4.x series based on the
            existing GSEOS 7.1 system and a 5.x series based on GSEOS 8.

            The goal is to migrate all teams to the 5.x series and to retire the 4.x branch.

            Until that point we will provide both the 4.x and 5.x releases in parallel.

            Once you migrated your customization to 5.x you should only use that
            version going forward.

            While all configuration files can be opened in GSEOS 8 this is not true
            for all configuration files going back to 7.1. You can open GSEOS 8 modified
            files like screens (with some limitations) and graphs in GSEOS 7.1.
            However, we recommend to avoid this and switch over to the new release
            as soon as possible.

            Most of the porting effort will be moving your GSEOS 7.1 based Python 2.7
            scripts to GSEOS 8 Python 3.6. So you will need to update your Python code
            from 2.x to 3.x. The GSEOS documentation in the 5.x branch contains a few
            paragraphs to point out the most important points to consider for the


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