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GSEOS::Download::Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe


Please install the FrontPanel drivers before running GSEOS. The above archive contains the 64-bit Windows drivers. Use the IMAP password to extract the archive. This needs to be done only once for each machine you want to run the IMAP GSEOS Emulator software on.

Download Opal Kelly FrontPanel Windows x64 5.0.2

The recorded training sessions can be downloaded below.

Download IMAP GSEOS Training Basic
Download IMAP GSEOS Training Advanced
Download IMAP GSEOS Training IMAP Specifics

Module Release Last Updated Size (Kb)
Details Download
IMAP 4.0.012 May/14/2021 224.2
  • Compatible with IMAP GI ICD V dash.
  • Updates GseosExcelLoad.
  • Updated Time&Status message.
  • Updated ITF TLM/CMD limits.
  • Handling of two TLM VCs
  • You must specify the second VC with "ITF_VC_2" in your gseos.ini file.
  • Please see the documentation for more details.

IMAP 3.2.011 Mar/25/2021 214
  • Adds TLM rate monitor.

IMAP 3.1.010 Nov/17/2020 213.45
  • Updates GseosExcelLoad.
  • Remove timing information for system load.

IMAP 3.0.009 Oct/16/2020 213.35
  • Implements IMAP GI ICD V20.
  • Make sure to use T&S simulation file version 2!

IMAP 2.1.008 Sep/26/2020 216
  • Compatible with ICD Version 012 (July/21/2020).
  • Ported to SUSE 15.2.
  • CMD Secondary Header Flag now suppresses SCLK secondary header if cleared.

IMAP 2.0.007 Aug/27/2020 217
  • Compatible with ICD Version 012 (July/21/2020).
  • Linux port.
  • ExcelLoad IMAP spreadsheet conversion tools.

IMAP 1.1.005 Jul/26/2020 192.19
  • First official release.
  • Implements IMAP Time&Status.
  • Compatible with ICD Version 012 (July/21/2020).

IMAP 1.1.004 Jul/18/2020 192.19
  • Test release only!
  • Partial IMAP Time&Status implementation.

IMAP 1.0.003 Jul/14/2020 192.19
  • Initial release.




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