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Juno i_UVS.002


Please unzip the archive into the Juno main folder. Make sure to keep the folder names from the archive. You might want to delete the i_UVS folder before extracting the archive.


UVS Direct

Juno UVS Module: UVSDirect

This module allows the UVS team to connect their 8051 or 8051 simulator to the GSEOS software without the hardware SBC.

The connection to the 8051 (simulator) will be a GSEOS socket connection. GSEOS will act as a network client and connect to the UVS server.

  • TLM Data
    Data from UVS is expected to be a sequence of IP packets. The incoming network data will be forwarded into the UVS_TLM_LS_RAW block. The UVSDirectDecoder will synchronize the packets using some of the constant IP header data and generate the SBC_IN_TLM_LS block. This block is then decoded the same way as if it was supplied by the SBC.

  • Command Data

  • GSEOS command data will be generated using BIN_CMD_IDP blocks. The UVS team will generate this block according to their command syntax. This block will be decoded into proper command transactions into the SBC_OUT_CMD block. Since this block contains ETF header information we generate the UVS_CMD_IP block that only contains the IP packet. The UVS_CMD_IP block will then be transmitted over the network connection to the UVS server. In order for JunoBios to process the command queue and to generate command transactions it requires a periodic ETF STATUS message from the SBC. Since the UVSDirect connection doesn't have an SBC we simulate the SBC with the SBCSim software module. This generates nominal ETF STATUS messages which in turn advance the time properly and process the command queue so the UVS commands will be transmitted to the UVS server.


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