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Please archive your instrument folder from any previous MMS GSEOS installation!
Unzip the archive into any directory. Make sure to keep the folder names from the archive. You can copy/move the entire folder to any location on your machine or a different machine, there are no registry dependencies and as long as you don't use absolute file names the installation can be moved freely.
The archive can be extracted on either Windows or Linux and contains the system files for both platforms.
To launch GSEOS double-click gseos.exe on Windows or gseos on Linux in the root folder of the extracted directory tree (GSEOS root).  For quick start information please refer to the User Manual that can be found in the ./Doc folder.
To use the CSTOL emulator you have to import the GseosCStol module. You can do this by adding the following entry to your gseos.ini file:

              Import = GseosCStol

Your [PyStartup] section should then look something like this:
              Import = MMSBios
              Import = MMSExcelLoad
              Import = GseosCStol

To load a CSTOL procedure choose File/Open from the GSEOS main menu and select: CSTOL Procedure (*.prc) from the File Type selection (the bottommost entry), then select your procedure. This will open the CSTOL emulator dialog.


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