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New Horizons 5.0.2

Updates since 4.4.0

  • GSEOS 5.2
    This release of the New Horizons GSEOS software is based on GSEOS 5.2. The main changes over 5.1 are a new recorder interface and file format, resizable block and item selection dialogs, longer block names (that work better with the long names generated from the spreadsheet), and an improved bitmap display speed. The new recorder lets you easily navigate in huge amounts of data and locate recorded data by different time bases. Time bases can be user configured. Please check the documentation for more information about the new recorder module. The Pluto directory contains the RecExport in the RecExport folder. This utility can be used to extract flat ASCII files from GSEOS recorder data for processing with other tools.

    MOC Interface
    The last patch is rolled into the update and the MOC screens and server configuration has been updated.
  • STOL Interpreter
    The STOL interpreter does not require an installation of the Microsoft .Net Framework any longer. This will make it possible to run New Horizons GSEOS on Win98 machines as well.
  • SC Housekeeping Screens
    Thanks to Chuck Schlemm who did all the work on the SC housekeeping spreadsheets and screens we now have these ApIds available. A desktop page has been configured for those screens. This is especially useful for payload integration.
  • TC_TLM_Load
    The TC_TLM_Load conversion has been run on your spreadsheets, so there should be no need to run them again unless you have made changes.

The archive is a cumulative upgrade and contains all system folders as well as instrument folders.

Known Issues
In single file recorder mode the record file is not closed until recording stops. This might lead to long delays on shutdown if you record lots of data into a single file. I recommend using automatic file mode when possible or to restrict single file mode for quick and short recordings.

The attached archive contains the GSEOS New Horizons software and updated versions of the individual instrument customizations. Please back up your current installation and unzip the archive into a new folder. If you have made any changes to your configuration files since you submitted them please update accordingly.

The current documentation is included in the archive and can be found in the 'doc' folder.

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