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GSEOS::Download::RBSP::RBSP 6.3.051


RBSP 6.3.051 Update Notes
  • Archive Size.
    The archive has grown rather large since we included an update of most instrument folders. If you choose to reduce the size you can simply remove the instrument from the Instrument folder in which you have no interest. If you have trouble downloading the archive please let us know and we will provide a smaller version without the instrument folders.

  • System Reset.
    When GSEOS is reset and the SCE is detected running and the instrument power switches are on a message box is displayed to allow you to continue without resetting the SCE and therefore keeping power to the instrument. Obviously there will be errors detected at the SCE when GSEOS is restarted, however, all errors are reset when you choose to continue without resetting the SCE. You can also force a restart of the SCE and therefore shutting down power to instrument. The dialog is not presented when the SCE is not running or none of the power switches is detected to be on. In this case the SCE is simply reset like in previous versions.

  • MOC Unmanned Operation.
    It is possible to operate the GSEOS MOC interface in 'unmanned' mode, that is without user interaction at the console. Some teams want to run the system un-supervised through custom software and this mode allows to do so. Please check the documentation for more details on how to set this up.

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