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GSEOS::Download::Messenger::Stol Emulator R186.017


Messenger Stol Emulator R186.017


  • Implement Scrollbars for Prompt and Write boxes
  • When an exception occurs in a nested procedure abort the entire script
  • Fix the line positioning on the CMD error in GRS_Inst_ON.prc
  • When resizing to large size memorize the user configured size 
  • Check all assignment/prompt variables and START file names in an initial parser run to determine all the potential errors and present them to the user in one message box. 
  • Fix local/global variable assignment in case of goto execution


Module File Version
StolEmu StolEmuDlg_d.pyd
StolEmu StolEmuDlg.netmodule
StolEmu StolEmu.py
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