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GSEOS::Download::Messenger::Stol Emulator R186.019


Messenger Stol Emulator R186.019


This release fixes a problem that caused local and global variables to be lost after a GOTO statement. Now these variables are restored properly after a GOTO statement.
This release also cleans up all global variables between Stol Emulator runs. In previous versions the global variables of earlier Stol Emulator runs did still exist in the StolEmu namespace and were known to subsequent emulator runs.
Invalid stream variables (BDM block items for the GSEOS version) are now flagged with a popup box indicating offending line number in addition to writing to the Console window.

This is an update release to R186.018, only the StolEmu.py file is deployed. If you have an earlier version than R186.018 installed you might want to upgrade to R186.018 first before installing R186.019. This release can be used for either Gseos4.5 or Gseos5.0.


Module File Version
StolEmu StolEmu.py x.x.186.019
2021 GSE Software, Inc.