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GSEOS::Download::Messenger::Stol Emulator R186.026


Messenger Stol Emulator R186.026

  • Enhance error handling. Limit the number of error messages in the error message box.
  • Fix problem with last line termination.
  • Add EU() function.
  • Do not check the function argument of fSetCMDHandler() so the functions doesn't have to exist when the handler is installed. However, once the script is executed the function needs to be accessible.
  • This is an update release to R186.020, only the StolEmu.py file is deployed. If you have a version earlier than R186.020 installed you must upgrade to R186.020 first before installing R186.026. The updates for Gseos4.5 and Gseos5.0 are identical.

    Download StolEmu.X.X.186.026.zip and extract the files into the Messenger root directory (where the gseos.exe resides).


    Module File Version
    StolEmu StolEmu.py x.x.186.026
    2021 GSE Software, Inc.