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GSEOS::Download::Messenger::Stol Emulator R186.028


Messenger Stol Emulator R186.028


Implement Engineering Unit conversion table:

The lookup dictionary takes a Block.Item name as a key and the actual Python function as value. You can either define the conversion functions directly in this module as regular Python functions or use a lambda function. The function takes exactly one parameter, the value of the item specified as the key.

def fEUFunction(dwData):
  return dwData*2.34

This will be called as fEUFunction(TLM.Heater) if the key in the dictionary is TLM.Heater. Most EU functions are very simple (similar to .qlf formulas) and lambda functions are suitable for that case: 

lambda x: 3.2 * pow(x, 3) - 1.2 * pow(x, 2) + 0.3 * x

Currently only scalar items are supported. If you need to reference an element in an array item you have to create a scalar item in the block definition that refers to the same memory location. The EUConversion module is a temporary solution until this functionality gets moved into the GSEOS kernel. The format of the configuration file will change! Below is a sample of some EU conversion functions:

def fEUVolts(wRaw): 
   return wRaw*1.2 - 0.4

def fPolyTemp(wTemp):
  return wTempRaw*1.2 - 0.4

ctEUFunctions = \

  'TLM.Heater': lambda x: x*2.3 + 0.09, 
  'TLM.Voltage': fEUVolts,


To add new EU conversions simply add your function to the ctEUFunctions dictionary and supply the proper Block.Item name.

This is an update release to R186.020. If you have a version earlier than R186.020 installed you must upgrade to R186.020 first before installing R186.028. The updates for Gseos4.5 and Gseos5.0 are identical.

Download StolEmu.X.X.186.028.zip and extract the files into the Messenger root directory (where the gseos.exe resides).

The EUConversionTest.prc file is a sample STOL procedure that demonstrates the use of the EU() function.


Module File Version
StolEmu StolEmu.py x.x.186.028
StolEmu EUConversion.py
StolEmu STOL scripts\EUConversionTest.prc
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