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There are two sample files in the AATS root foder:
AATSTiming.py sets up a simple timing. You can modify this file to set up your timing.
DecodeRT.py is a sample on how to decode raw 1553 traffic from a RT.

The gseos.ini file has some specify entries in the [Bios] section:

Mode = BC
Device = 0
Channel = 0
UnusedRTAddress = 5
MinorLen = 15625
MinorFramesPerBuffer = 64

Most settings are already configured properly. The UnusedRTAddress entry must be set to a RT address that is not used in the current configuration. Device and Channel need to be set to work with the board/channel required, please see the Condor documentation for more details.

The contains the GSEOS AATS software and the Condor 1553 Bios. Please unzip the archive into a new folder. To launch GSEOS double-click gseos.exe in the root folder of the extracted directory tree (GSEOS root). 


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