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GSEOS::Download::RBSP::RBSP 4.1.042


RBSP 4.1.042 Update Notes
  • MOC I/F.
    The main upgrade from release 3.x.x is the MOC interface (SOC side). This allows you to connect to a MOC server and retrieve real-time and playback data as well as issue commands to the MOC.

  • Emulator
    There is no change to the Emulator functionality.
    Only the Windows version support the Emulator!

  • Platform notes
    We distribute the Linux and Windows releases with different archives. The MOC I/F portion of the Windows distribution has been tested and verified by APL. The Linux version has NOT been tested by APL. The Linux port is sponsored by LANL and provided to the other teams. Other than the actual executables (and associated dynamic libraries) the two distributions are identical.

    We have tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu 6.06, Ubuntu 8.04, and openSuse 11.1.

    On 64-bit Linux platforms please make sure you have the 32-bit libraries installed (check for your particular platform on how to get the 32-bit libraries).

  • Installation
    To properly operate the MOC I/F you need to configure your gseos.ini. Please refer to the included documentation how to configure the various MOC settings. Please back up your current release before installing the software since it has all instrument folders with default configuration files. After installation you have to migrate your custom instrument folder(s) as necessary.

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