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GSEOS::Download::RBSP::RBSP 4.2.044


RBSP 4.2.044 Update Notes
  • GSEOS STOL Emulator.
    The main upgrade from release 4.1.042 is the inclusion of the GSEOS STOL emulator. This allows you to write test script in STOL. Please refer to the included documenation for more details on the syntax and how to run STOL files.

  • Platform notes
    Both Windows and Linux executables are bundled in this one archive. On Windows please launch gseos.exe, on Linux use gseos. Please keep in mind that only the Windows distribution has been tested and verified by APL. The Linux version has NOT been tested by APL.

    On 64-bit Linux platforms please make sure you have the 32-bit libraries installed (check for your particular platform on how to get the 32-bit libraries).

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