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GSEOS::Download::Solar Probe Plus::MOC I/F




  • Installation
    The archive contains both the Windows and Linux executables. We have tested on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Versions of Ubuntu < 14 are not supported and the software will not work on older releases! If you want to deploy on Linux make sure to extract the archive on your target destination. The 7z archive format preserves the file permissions! If you have to extract on Windows or need to move the files otherwise please make sure that both gseos and GseosGraph.so have execute permissions. Otherise simply extract the archive into your preferred location. Make sure to preserve the folder names from the archive.

  • SFTP
    GSEOS uses your local SFTP client. On Windows we support Putty SFTP. Please install Putty on your machine and configure the SFTP client so you can log into the APL MOC server. Please contact APL personnel for the appropriate clearances and procedures. For the SFTP client we only support public/private key authentication with no passphrase!

  • Configuration
    Please read the SPP MOC Interface User Manual for details on the MOC I/F implementation. You MUST configure several MOC settings for your instument suite for the software to work. Please refer to the Quick Start guide in the documentation to get at least your configuration set up.

    Below is a sample configuration for your reference:

    							MDISA = 0x043
    							MDISB = 0x045
    							MLA   = 0x053
    							MASCS = 0x057
    							XRS   = 0x021
    							MAG   = 0x088
    							EPPS  = 0x012
    							GSE   = 0
    							I&T   = 5
    							GOLD  = 9
    							MADR  = 10
    							FPP   = 0x403
    							C&DH  = 0x256
    							STAT  = 0x408
    							ST    = 0x409
    							ApID  = 0x556
    							ApID  = 0x310 - 0x32F
    							ApID  = 0x340 - 0x35F
    							SBCA = 1
    							SBCB = 2
    							SBCC = 3
    							Sim1 = 1
    							Sim2 = 2
    							Sim3 = 3
    							Sim4 = 4
    							RUN1 = 1
    							RUN2 = 2
    							RUN3 = 3
    							RUN4 = 4
    							RUN5 = 5
    							RUN6 = 6
    							MOC_TLM_RT  = Client
    							MOC_TLM_PB  = Client
    							IP-Address = TheMOCHostGoesHere
    							Port = 9001
    							Type = SPP_MOC_TLM_RT
    							Destination = MOC0_TLM_RT_RAW
    							GenericBlock = MOC0_TLM_RT_GENERIC
    							DecStatusBlock = DecStatus_MOC0_TLM_RT
    							VariableLen = Yes
    							IP-Address = TheMOCHostGoesHere
    							Port = 9002
    							Type = SPP_MOC_TLM_PB
    							Destination = MOC0_TLM_PB_RAW
    							GenericBlock = MOC0_TLM_PB_GENERIC
    							DecStatusBlock = DecStatus_MOC0_TLM_PB
    							VariableLen = Yes
    							FacilityID        = Fields
    							Interface         = 1
    							ISCFDir           = ./Instruments/Fields/Fields1/SOC
    							Host        = TheMOCHostGoesHere
    							User        = test1


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