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GSEOS is an I&T software system for space instruments and small spacecrafts especially suited for low budget missions. It is designed for rapid test system design and high flexibility for changing telemetry and command requirements. GSEOS can be seamlessly moved from EM/FM development (bench testing) to flight operations. It features the Python programming language as a configuration/scripting tool and can easily be extended to accommodate custom hardware interfaces. Refer to the detailed list of the system features for more information. The screenshots will give you a good idea of a typical GSEOS session. Don't forget to read about our mission statement.

Case Studies

The best way to find out about GSEOS is to review some of the case studies. They exemplify a few typical use cases of GSEOS in the mission life-cycle. The studies demonstrate the different uses of GSEOS on MESSENGER, New Horizons, and CASSINI/MIMI.