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GSEOS 8.1 now is a 64-bit application and supports both Linux and Windows. Version 8.1 has a number of upgrades, improvements, and new features over 7:

  • Python 3
    Previous versions of GSEOS supported Python 2 as a scripting language. Due to the end-of-life of Python 2 we have phased out support of Python 2 and as of GSEOS 8 we support Python 3
screen editor
  • Full undo of any edit operation on a screen
    When selecting multiple data items each item in the selection is outlined. This makes it easier to see which items are part of the selection if the selection rectangle spans a large area.
  • Selecting multiple items
    When selecting multiple data items each item in the selection is outlined. This makes it easier to see which items are part of the selection if the selection rectangle spans a large area.

data item displays

  • Stale data notification
    You can set a stale data timeout on individual items or use a global timeout setting. If enabled the items will be displayed to indicate that the data is stale.
  • Data Items and Formulas have been combined
    The two tools to draw data items and to draw formulas from GSEOS 5.2 has been combined into one. Now you simply draw a data item and can select the data source from a simple item or a formula. This also makes it easy to switch between the two without loosing all the format information for this item.
  • Data Item update properties
    The default update mode for data items is now timer driven. The only mode in GSEOS 5.2 is real-time. For high frequency items this incurrs a lot of overhead and doesn't improve readability of data. GSEOS 8.1 introduces three update modes: Timer based, Real-time, Idle. In timer mode the display is updated after the timer interval which is configurable expires. Real-time mode is equivalent to the GSEOS 5.2 data updates, and Idle mode updates the data only when the system is idle and uses the least amount of system resources.
  • Status Image display
    Similar to the GSEOS 5.2 text reference format where a status text can be displayed instead of the data value GSEOS 8.1 adds the display of an arbitrary image depending on the data value. This can be used to visualize status with an image.

user interface

  • Desktop page manager
    Desktop files can now be managed from a central dialog that lets you add new desktop pages, rename them, or remove them. You can also set a description for each tab which will be displayed when the mouse lingers over the tab. The new desktop format is XML based. GSEOS 5.2 and older binary desktop files can be read with 8.1.
  • Improved message window
    The message window has been improved to list more message details and to coalesce multiple messages into one if the contents are identical.
  • Improved system window handling
    The GSEOS Explorer, Message window, and Console window can now be displayed either in a floating format like in GSEOS 5.2 and also alternatively 'pinned' to a desktop page. This way they don't take up valuable screen real-estate. With a simple push of a button the window can be activated and toggled between pinned and floating state for quick access.


  • Interactive network configuration
    The network configuration can now be done from within GSEOS Explorer. You can now add new client and server connections, set their properties and connect and disconnect all from the user interface. The settings will be commited to the gseos.ini file.


  • XML based command definition
    You can specify your command definitions in an XML based definition syntax or use a utility to convert from APL command spreadsheets into the XML based definition files. The GSEOS Explorer lists all the available commands and you can fill in arguments and issue commands right from the user interface.



download your trial version

Please contact us at contracts@gseos.com to request your customized trial version of GSEOS 8.1.



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