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Module Release Last Updated Size (MB)
Details Download
L'LORRI 3.5.021 Apr/03/2020 55.86
  • Upgrade to GSEOS 8.0.1266.
  • Bitfile R020.
L'LORRI 3.4.020 Jan/31/2020 55.0
  • Upgrade to GSEOS 8.0.1263.
  • Bitfile R016.
L'LORRI 3.2.018 (Test only!) Oct/30/2019 54.0
  • Upgrade to GSEOS 8.0.1246.
  • Bitfile R014.
  • Fix HS configuration (block sizes) and implement more length checks.
L'LORRI 3.0.016 Sep/10/2019 53.09
  • Implement TLM HS.
  • Implement Power settings, voltage and current limits.
  • Upgrade to bitfile R011.
L'LORRI 2.0.015 Aug/21/2019 52.8
  • Upgrade to GSEOS 8.0.1235 and GseosStol R101.
L'LORRI 2.0.014 Mar/27/2019 52.2
  • GSEOS 8 Port.
L'LORRI 1.5.012 Nov/12/2018 30.0
  • Upgrade to GSEOS 7.1.1150 and OKBios R026.
  • Implement Time message cadence.
  • API functions to set/get the offset and divider settings.
L'LORRI 1.3.009 Jul/31/2018 30.0
  • Issue SCE reset on startup.
  • Make logging configurable.
  • Update to bitfile R004.
  • Fixed the bug in which major frame repeatedly skips. As part of this fix, the emulator now ignores and dumps any commands which are received with a major frame number less than the emulator�s current major frame.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the emulator to send a major frame update asynchronously (relative to PPS) if a major frame skip is detected. This likely caused the inconsistent timing of time messages to the instrument. In the new design, major frames are strictly updated on the 1PPS.
L'LORRI 1.1.007 Jul/10/2018 25.4
  • Update to bitfile R002.
L'LORRI 1.0.004 May/29/2018 25.8
  • Initial release.


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