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Module Release Last Updated Size (MB)
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MMS 6.3.034
(Full Release)
Linux, Windows
Nov/05/2013 43.1
  • Updated CSTOL interpreter.

MMS 6.3.033
(Full Release)
Sep/09/2013 42.5
  • Handle SFDUs other than FANN and CXXX.
  • Don't check FANN sequence counter.
  • Update block definitions.

MMS 6.2.032
(Full Release)
Aug/30/2012 42.5
  • SCE Message filter to suppress messages during test runs.
  • Larger SFDUs The TLM SFDU packets can now be a maximum of 16KB (from previously 8KB).

  • MD5 Checksum: 459719de3035a1ac15acc720ba62b57c
MMS 6.1.031
(Full Release)
May/30/2012 42.5
  • MMS ExcelLoad: Normalize path names before writing them to the gseos.ini file. Also compare to normalized path names. This allows switching between Linux and Windows configurations without upsetting path names.
  • MMS ExcelLoad: When the special value "ExcelFileName" is configured in the node for a specific file name we default to the Excel file name instead of the block definition file name.
  • MMS ExcelLoad: Disable writing to gseos.ini file with the entry:

    <Option WriteGseosIni="Disable" />

  • CSTOL: Fix literal EU command arguments.
  • CSTOL: Implement call stack listing.
  • CSTOL: Make ASK dialog modeless.
  • CSTOL: The ASK dialog now uses the Enter key to accept entries.

  • MD5 Checksum: c685a19c3624cfe339ff2ef53ecd2956
MMS 6.0.030
(Full Release)
Jun/20/2011 41.1
  • Bundles all patch releases since the last full release.
  • Update EID field with new definition.
  • Excel Spreadsheet conversion now detects and array if there are two or more items.
  • Fix state sheet conversions for values: FALSE, TRUE.
  • Allow INPUT variables as loop variables.
  • Update to latest CIDP customization.

  • MD5 Checksum: 01b44da2c68aae2d6619e1eaa2913f82
MMS 5.8.028
(Patch Release)
Apr/27/2011 0.1 This is a patch release only.
This addresses the changes to the secondary CCSDS header definition.
  • MMS.blk

  • The archive contains only one file MMS.blk. Please extract and place into the MMS_Common folder.

    MD5 Checksum: 371869e6ac32f1f208a0781925708490
MMS 5.7.028
(Patch Release)
Mar/8/2011 0.5 This is a patch release only.
You must install 5.6.027 before applying this patch!

Drop the extracted files into the GSEOS root folder, replacing the existing ones.
  • Spreadsheet conversion tools:

  • Report an error if overlapping items are detected. An error is also generated if there are gaps in your bit level definitions.

  • CSTOL Updates:

  • Fix bug with script propagation on CHECK statements.

    Remove global variable raw assignment. Allow DN assignment (not using the raw qualifier).

    MD5 Checksum: 3dada4a1800a1a3d4e9da74f258f32b2
MMS 5.6.027 Jan/24/2011 41.5
  • CSTOL Updates:

  • For TLM data points return a signed integer for 32-bit items.

    Add formatting options (%b, %o, %x, %e, %f, %i) for WRITE and CHECK statements.

    Fix octal numbers.

    Disable ESC key to close the dialog.

    Make CHECK wait for operator confirmation when the value is out of range.

    Added StopCSTOLProc() function to abort a procedure from embedded Python.

  • Spreadsheet Conversion Tools:

  • Allow overlapping item definitions.

    MD5 Checksum: c5c15c026c6bd84798d44151bf8bedf7
MMS 5.3.024 Aug/14/2010 40.8
  • Updated Windows executable to fix CSTOL command errors.
  • Added function RunProc() to start CSTOL procedure.
  • Updated GSEOS/Spreadsheet conversion tools documentation.

  • MD5 Checksum: ac45ff3e2b1da8f9c8a0f8518965fdeb
MMS 5.2.023 Jun/24/2010 40
  • Some CSTOL fixes, added documentation.
  • CSTOL now verifies EU units for command arguments.
  • Updated CIDP and Fields folders.

  • MD5 Checksum: fae516ba372cbe3981f618c5ac34185b
MMS 5.1.021 Apr/29/2010 37
  • CSTOL Emulator.
  • Updated spreadsheet conversion tools.
  • Linux and Windows executables.

  • MD5 Checksum: f929a8171dee78675209cf44c59185b4
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MMS 5.0.019 Mar/08/2010 35
  • Test release for Fields team only.

  • MD5 Checksum: 230102dfca41c5dda48a32abff4f7ef8
MMS 4.1.018 Nov/04/2009 30.0
  • Updated MMS ExcelLoad documentation.
  • Linux and Windows executables.

  • MD5 Checksum: a3ab7a443426f8cd0cd50f2a60f0f8b3
MMS 4.1.017 Jul/15/2009 28.8
  • ASIST command protocol settings.
  • Updated Windows executables only.

  • MD5 Checksum: cc8c9b056fe2173c4af5afbe507cb035
MMS 4.0.016 Apr/10/2009 27.5
  • Completed command spreadsheet conversion tools.
  • Excel Spreadsheet conversion tools documentation.
  • Linux executables for SCE.

  • MD5 Checksum: 76157262fb2cb388249e9826614849b7
MMS 3.1.015 Apr/03/2009 28.7
  • SCE with ASIST interface.
  • TLM & CMD decoding only.
  • Playback TLM performs AOS frame decoding.
  • Documentation.
  • Platforms: Windows.

  • MD5 Checksum: caa99782de0b467491f3121c8b94785d
MMS 3.0.014 Mar/09/2009 26.3
  • SCE with ASIST interface.
  • TLM decoding only (playback up to AOS frames).
  • Platforms: Windows.

  • MD5 Checksum: 5a6bebb6ce0f572ed43f98247487b2e7
MMS 2.0.009 May/21/2008 26.3
  • Checksum optional and ApID dependent.
  • Checksum is passed through.
  • Improved decoder performance.
  • Additional raw CIDP TCP channels.
  • Reversed network connection (GSEOS acts as server).
  • TLM block part of the instrument configuration.
  • Instrument folders populated with initial templates.
  • FEEPS added.
  • TLM Spreadsheet Conversion Tools.

  • MD5 Checksum: 80d31c2c6d3ece1da1878555ddb7c9c3
MMS 1.0.007 Oct/17/2007 27.2
  • Compatible with Ubuntu 6.06 and 7.04.
  • Fixed scales.

  • MD5 Checksum: d383bfb3f53caa2087b1040d4472518a
MMS 1.0.006 Aug/24/2007 27.2
  • Handles CCSDS grouping flags

  • MD5 Checksum: 496b3f79f114496ffda12a728b6acb50
MMS 1.0.005 Jun/16/2007 25
  • First release

  • MD5 Checksum: 78225ebdfacb2f599af4d2fd325a4d70
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